Maxwell School Old Boys’ Association, fondly referred to as the O’Max, is the alumni of the Maxwell School, Kuala Lumpur. It was first established in 1956 on suggestion of the then headmaster, Mr. Ong Choon Ghee, and has been existence since then in one form or another.

The Association comprises exclusively of former students and teachers and strives to provide a means of making our voices heard. It’s mission is to promote the continual interaction of all it’s former and existing students of the school with the intended purpose of carrying out it’s supportive and charitable acts that will benefit not only the school in general but the existing students as well.

The Association’s objectives are, “1: That the former students could come back to the school and help the school by contributing to the school when they have left or finished studying; 2: To establish and keep in contact with former schoolmates and teachers; 3: To render the school with assistance through the Old Boys’ Association that could not be provided by the Ministry of Education or the State Education Department. “ is the Association’s official webpage. This web page serves many functions, primarily to unite all Maxwellians (past and present) under one umbrella and to promote greater unity between members, as well as rendering ways to help the school one way or another. An Association of Maxwellians for Maxwellians cannot wither away so long as there are Maxwellians around.

Past Presidents of Maxwell School Old Boys’ Association

1956 ~ 1957 Wong Wai Lim
1957 ~ 1958 S. A. Azman
1958 ~ 1963 Canute Sewell
1963 ~ 1965 Dr. A. Subramaniam
1965 ~ 1971 K. Kumaraguru
1971 ~ 1972 Ong Yong
1972 ~ 1973 Foo Chee Fui
1973 ~ 1975 Low Tee Kee
1975 ~ 1977 Tan Soo Keong
1977 ~ 1978 Phoon Soon Pheng
1978 ~ 1982 Dr. Yee Meng Kheong
1982 ~ 1983 Tan Soo Keong
1983 ~ 1999 De-Registered
       1999       Lau Bing
1999 ~ Now Haji Ahmad Bin Haji Mahmuddin